ARCH 406 Tiny Homes start at $70,000. Please contact us at the link for inquiries.

Our mission at ARCH406 is to create built work that reflects our passion for design and craftsmanship. Our intent is to enrich our community by controlling the process by which projects are designed, developed, and built.




Architect led design-build

This process allows our architectural clients to maintain a single working relationship throughout design and construction process, and is generally limited to our residential clients.


We employ this process to design and build furniture, custom installations, and specialty pieces for standalone projects, or as part of our larger design projects constructed by other General Contractors. 

Architect as designing Builder

Meet The Team

Brian Johnson

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Brian Michael Johnson is a licensed Architect, designer and “controller.” Architecture is his art, and his desire is to have complete control our deisgn work, this led to the birth of ARCH406.
As a young Architect, he realized that nothing  designed was “cast in concrete” until it was actually cast in concrete. Drawings, models, renderings and design ideas were merely a starting point as opposed to a stringent set of guidelines required to complete the vision. After 20 years in the profession, he wanted to create an environment that allowed more artistic freedom. Many outside factors affect the work that Architects do, so ARCH406 was an idea that came from an internal desire to create design freedom by gaining more control.

Nick Pancheau

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Nick Pancheau, is a licensed Architect, designer and “maker.” ARCH406 allows our team to compress that time line that separates design and construction, and test design ideas in built form very quickly. This iterative process makes better projects and better details. As a furniture maker and designer, Nick enjoys the freedom to create custom pieces for our architectural clients, and is always pushing technology forward for better designed and executed soloutions. 

Our design portfolio is taliored to projects types that do not fit within traditional building categories. As architects we enjoy working closely with subcontractors to design innovation in achievable ways. This is a natural fit for our design build practice.

Jeff Kanning

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Jeff Kanning, is a licensed Architect, designer and “developer.” As an architect his goal is to help people live better lives by creating buildings and objects with a beauty and functionality that represents their values and the values of our shared place. As a Registered Contractor, he strives to find the best construction means and methods to accomplish the project goals.

ARCH406 desires to be involved with projects that are remarkable, connected and new. That is creating buildings where great design is valued, related to the place and values of the people we work with, and interpreting those in a new way. ARCH406 has found that the best way to accomplish these goals is to be involved in all phases of project development, project design and project construction.

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